美國客戶好評 – Jenny Tsai​

Jenny Tsai

I was approached by this web developer when I posted on FB that I needed a new website. I was hesitant about as first, but from few discussions, I grew more and more confident that they can develop a good and practical website for me. The developer, Mr. Shen, who handled my case was proactive, patient, paying attention to details of what I wanted; so in only few corrections my website was created and was perfect! 
However, when I have questions afterwards, he would still patiently coaching me how to manage my site. This is what’s called customer service!
I recommend 一站式電商顧問公司

我之前緊急需要一位網站技術員幫我在短時間內架設網站,一站式電商顧問主動積極的幫我架設一個我想像中理想的網站。整個過程讓我從很緊張到底能不能在時間內完成,到對沈先生的積極處理我的網站開始覺得他可以把網站做好。幾次還是他配合我的時區,在台灣半夜幫我修改內容。到後來網站架設好,他要把我教會怎麼用(我對網頁一竅不通,更不用說還有後台…)他都表現得很有耐心。 我覺得他們家不但網站技術到位,同樣的售後服務也很讓人滿意!我都和我朋友推薦一站式電商顧問!

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